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Found 8 results

  1. I am attempting to create an application pack for Office365. I created a deployment package and downloaded the installation files. However, when creating the pack, I am getting the following error: Here is the summary screen of the application pack: Help?
  2. How do you reference a file that is part of the SPK in the arguments section of a Run MSI Package? I have a TRANSFORM argument that will reference an MST file.
  3. I have an App pack we have created for Onbase Unity. We have a second run command that runs with it for the Microsoft redistribution 2013. We also need to run a onbase.exe.config file with it. Do I run this as a task or just add the file?
  4. I am getting the attached error when trying to save an application pack that I created. I just added a .msi to the app pack and now it won't let me save it. I have tried recreating the app pack multiple times, and it always gets stuck at this message. "The temporary file could not be copied over to its destination file." Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks, Jonathan
  5. Anyone come across target machine Windows Application Log error with SD Client Service passing along 'The decryption password is invalid'? This is the first large application I'm trying to deploy (Over 7GB). Other smaller applications I have deployed without seeing this error. Is there a size limit for Application Packs? Any suggestions?
  6. Hello, Has anyone run into application packs taking a long time to deploy (The status just shows 'Application Deploying')? Last week I tested deployed Chrome and it seems to install fairly quickly. But now this week it's taking 10-15 minutes to deploy it...sometimes not at all. To my best recollection I haven't changed anything since then, and I made sure that the firewall isn't blocking it either. I have tried it via wifi as well as directly connect to an ethernet cable, but neither are changing the outcome. The status logs are empty as well, since nothing is happening. I appreciate any troubleshooting tips! Thanks, Dave L
  7. Do the standard application packs get updated similar to platform packs? For example, Google Chrome is included as an app that you can download, but, at least according to the product version, it is out-dated. Same with Java. I want to know if I am supposed manually update those apps.
  8. Hello everyone, Quick question for those who have been working on it.... I am attempting to make an application package out of an Office suite installer. We are successful in making and sending the package over to the client computer, and we can find the files located in the windows/temps/smartdeploy folder, but the software does not install. Has anyone run into a similar issue and if so, how did you work through it?
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