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  1. Hi, I couldn't find the answer in the User Guide or on this forum but may well have missed it: for the 2.0.2097 upgrade, do I install over the top, or uninstall the old version first? Thanks,
  2. For anyone following this thread, a clean install of 2.0.2090 (on new hardware, but that was probably coincidental) and generating new images and boot media seemed to fix this.
  3. Brand new install (erase SSD; deploy Win7; MS updates; install SDE; install VMWare Player), very first thing I did when starting SDE for the first time is to log in and download the VMWare Workstation PPK, here's the result:
  4. Nope. The good news: my fresh (ie, non-upgrade) 2.0.2090 install coupled with a new install of VMWare Player and a fresh Win10 1703 VM has passed it's first deployment test. Now to add all the required apps and try again - if that works, I'll simply retire the old SDE PC.
  5. Here you go, looks much better, this is for a Lenovo that would have never been downloaded before (we're 98% Dell, 2% HP):
  6. BTW, this is a brand new install of SDE, different hardware with a fresh (ie, non-upgrade) install of 2.0.2090. I'm still dealing with the issue in the thread titled "Win10: Calculator & other apps missing" I started a few months back, and wanted to start afresh to see if I could get around the problem.
  7. No joy sorry. I deleted all PPKs from the console (and verified that the directory on disk was empty), then downloaded the Workstation 12 PPK (all good), then the ESX PPK (all good), then the Dell Precision 3510 Win10 PPK, and got this: d
  8. Hi, Fresh install (not upgrade) of SDE 2.0.2090, downloading Platform Packs and this is what I see (I have tried the two VMWare PPKs at the bottom of the list of available ones): I see all sorts of odd combinations one I add the Dell laptops and desktops we use. We don't have any Latitude E4200 and I have never (interntionally) downloaded this PPK. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  9. This is still hurting, and I can't deploy any fully-functional Win10 machines at the mo. I have upgraded to SDE 2.0.2080 without change. I have created a new reference Build 1703 VM without network support (so it can't update anything) - it runs calc.exe just fine, but machines deployed from this VM show the same problem. I'm starting to suspect that I'm doing something wrong but can't for the life of me work out what (and we have been using SDE since March 2012). Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,
  10. No joy sorry: I took the base VM, updated it, logged in using a different admin account, updated all the Store apps, re-captured and re-deployed - same issue, and same count for "Get-AppxPackage | measure" (47). Any other suggestions?
  11. Hi, I have been deploying Windows 10 builds 1607 & 1703 to staff laptops successfully for a while now. Last week a staff member asked how he could get the calculator app to run. After checking and confirming that the problem is real I'm scratching my head as to why I'm see this. Symptom: try and run calc.exe on a SD-deployed PC and you get the error message "You'll need a new app to open this calculator". On the original 1703 image, "Get-AppxPackage | measure" returns a count of 84; the same on the deployed PC returns a count of47. "Add-AppxPackage -register" throws an error of "Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80080205, The Appx package's block map is invalid." Source VM runs in VMWare Workstation 12.5.5. SDE version is 2.0.2050. Hardware is Dell Latitude or Dell Precision with latest platform pack. Any advice appreciated, Thanks,
  12. I'm also happy to help Vincent if that would be of use - I'm not sure of your environment, but I know what it took to get SD working for us.
  13. I'm not sure of your environment, but worked for us was to disable "Automatically detect settings", disable "Use automatic configuration script", enable "Use a proxy server for your LAN", and enable "Bypass proxy server for local addresses." I explicitly populated the "Address" and "Port" fields with the IP address and port of our proxy server. Our proxy server requires authentication, but I have a bypass list of domain names for which authentication is not required. I have added www.smartdeploy.com to the bypass list. I hope this helps,
  14. Thank you: once I moved from a PAC file to host:port the proxy connection started working.
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