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  1. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to SmartDeploy but have used competitors in the past so I'm familiar with the technology used. My question though is about the speed of the cloud image process, are they typically this slow? My target laptop is barely hitting 500Kbs down at times and most of the time hovers around 30-50Kbs. I know this is not a bandwidth issue but I cant seem to find a reason for the snails pace it takes. I am hoping to move away from how we currently image our machines and really would prefer cloud deployments but if the speed is so low I dont know if I can justify it. Has anyone ran into this before or know what I should look into to find a cause? Like I said, everything works it's just painfully slow. Also I apologize if this questions been asked, I ran a quick search and didnt see anything but I'll remove it if there is one.
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