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  1. yes i also create some application packages and yes i also played around and yes i waste very much time with this Software. i working with Unattended Setups and so on since NT 4.0 (so a few years already) but never had a software (for this price) what i felt more than a beta-tester. anyway, thanks for you input. lets have if somebody else has a working package what i can use, if not - i move it over to GPO what is working 100%
  2. i know Aaron, just was wondering if somebody else made (like i wrote) made a application package maybe with some better solution than my script... to tell the truth, if I not have to generate a SmartDeploy Package i not do it - too much trail and error till it works (Slow, missing Status, sometimes no LogFiles and so on)
  3. Hi Guys who did already a Package for the new Windows 10 Way for LangaugePack and LXP as SmartDeploy Package? i run after the the Depoy the Package with the following Script #region Preparations $currentExecutingPath = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition.Replace($MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name, "") #endregion #============================================================= #region Variables $architecture = "x64" $SystemLocale = "en-US" #endregion #============================================================= #region Main Function Write-Host "Start install language packs..." -ForegroundColor Green $installed_lp = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList foreach ($language in Get-ChildItem -Path "$currentExecutingPath\LXP") { Write-Host "Installing $language" -ForegroundColor Green $AppXFile = $currentExecutingPath + "\LXP\" + $language.Name + "\LanguageExperiencePack." + $language.Name + ".Neutral.appx" $LicFile = $currentExecutingPath + "\LXP\" + $language.Name + "\License.xml" $CabFile = $currentExecutingPath + "\LanguagePacks\Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack_" + $architecture + "_" + $language.Name + ".cab" Write-Host "Installing $CabFile" Start-Process -FilePath "dism.exe" -WorkingDirectory "C:\Windows\System32" -ArgumentList "/online /Add-Package /PackagePath=$CabFile /NoRestart" -Wait Write-Host "Installing $AppXFile" Start-Process -FilePath "dism.exe" -WorkingDirectory "C:\Windows\System32" -ArgumentList "/online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath=$AppXFile /LicensePath=$LicFile /NoRestart" -Wait Write-Host "Add to prefered languages" $prefered_list = Get-WinUserLanguageList $prefered_list.Add($language.Name) Set-WinUserLanguageList($prefered_list) -Force $installed_lp.Add($language.Name) } Write-Host "Setting the system locale: $SystemLocale" -ForegroundColor Green Set-WinSystemLocale -SystemLocale $SystemLocale #endregion #=============================================================
  4. thanks, yes this works... but i need to search for me another way (maybe GPO, but we have 7-10 domains) ... because the settings in HKCU so, if somebody else use the computer the settings gone
  5. Hi all i try to deploy a self-made registry file via SmartDeploy App Package i recive an error in the console - how can I get more details what was the error? - how can I delete the error? the Problem is, so far i can see no registry settings are changed how you guys doing such stuff? some of the registry setting s are in the Hive "Current User" with what user SmartDeploy Install the Registry File?
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