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  1. I hate to circle back but Synnex is telling me that the only VL they have for Win10 of any flavor is an "Upgrade". Is that what I'm looking for?
  2. I did use that tool. I've read that linked article and the others that are linked in but find the language to be....muddled. In my research, the prevailing thought seems to be that you simply need one VL key to do reimaging but other articles that I see indicate you need a VL key for every machine you reimage. In our case, all of the computers we're going to reimage come with OEM licenses. Is a single VL key sufficient?
  3. so, just to sanity check all of this I got a trial going, downloaded the windows installation media from Microsoft, created a master image (w/ patches, etc) and converted it to the windows image file. Got it onto a USB drive. Unpacked a new laptop that has windows 10 pro on it. Stuck the usb drive in and booted it. Installed in a flash and seems ok.....but it wont activate. It says that it couldn't find a valid digital license. Now, it's a brand new laptop that certainly has a license. I've seen this problem before when the MS activation servers aren't available and it's resolved by waiting. My question - should I just wait or is this caused b/c I'm not using a VL image? I'm just trying to test and don't want to spend money and time dealing with MS if the product doesn't do what I want it to do.....
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