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  1. @Brady I believe you can if you run the server component on each technician PC. I would recommend purchasing the server for each technician if you don't want a pop-up on the server to keep showing. It's $49/server PC
  2. How about even allowing a remote console app. Everything still runs on the main server, techs just have an app that connects to it to do their work. Almost like another client/server situation.
  3. Try VirtualHere. It's free for 1 USB Port forward. You will need to install the client on your VM and a server onto a machine you have access to.
  4. I use VirtualHere to manage this. In my case, the system running SmartDeploy is across the building, but I use the USB ports of my local desktop. Should work between VM and Real computers also. It is free for 1 USB Port connection.
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