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  1. Hi Jeff, What options do we have if our image is too large to fit on a 32gb (28gb available) flash drive, with or without the platform packs? We're unable to remove required security software from our image. We've been working with FAT32 until now, but with the Windows 2004 upgrade and a new required software from our corporate team, it's been pushed over what will fit on the drives.
  2. We're having some trouble with our newest image, and I'm hoping someone may have some advice. We have a mix of Dell products, Latitude and OptiPlex models. Our newest image has outgrown FAT32 formatting, as our thumb drives seem to be coming in with SSD installed and the 4gb taken up by the drive controller is not removable and is eating into our available space, only allowing for 28gb of 32 gb to be used. We’re currently creating Offline deployment media, as we have multiple locations and don’t have the infrastructure to host online imaging. We converted to NTFS, and our image wa
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