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  1. I just tried deploying a 21H1 image, and I get this error message on reboot: Sysprep was not able to validate your Windows installation. Along with info about where to find the log file. Is this version supported yet? I'll try getting to logs if they're needed.
  2. We're needing to send a HDD with our image to a vendor to be placed on 700+ laptops. We also use a duplicator in our office to occasionally put images on multiple HDDs. My question is, will this work with SmartDeploy. I thought if I shutdown right after the image was applied to the HDD, that it would then be possible to duplicate the drive. But, I think the naming of the system occurs before the shut down, so every system ends up with same name. Is that the case? The reason I suspect this, is that we're ending up with systems having the wrong name, despite it suppose to be pulling the serial using WMI.
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