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  1. I am getting the attached error when trying to save an application pack that I created. I just added a .msi to the app pack and now it won't let me save it. I have tried recreating the app pack multiple times, and it always gets stuck at this message. "The temporary file could not be copied over to its destination file." Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks, Jonathan
  2. Thanks for the response, Jeff. I ended up creating a batch file with "c:\temp\setup.exe /download c:\temp\configuration.xml" and "c:\temp\setup.exe /download c:\temp\configuration.xml" commands and had the application pack copy the xml and the setup.exe to the c:\temp folder and then had the application pack run the batch file command. That has been working for me so far. It took me a while to get the copy file task in the application pack to work because I had failed to see that I needed to put the file name in the address as well as the address. Thanks for your help! Jonathan
  3. Hello, I am trying to build an application pack for O365. I've tried using the O365 tool in SmartDeploy to make the application pack, but since I need a more specific config .xml tailored to our environment by our System Admin, the SmartDeploy O365 tool isn't working for me. (In the config .xml there needs to be a line to exclude Bing and add a line to add a key into the registry) Is there any way to insert my own .xml config file into the SmartDeploy O365 tool or add more specific details to the one that is generated? If not, what would be the best way to build out this applica
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