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  1. I am using the Recommended Bitlocker task for advanced on the Answer file. I am using this basic command as in SD documentation manage-bde.exe -on C: -RecoveryPassword -SkipHardwareTest My Question is with this being done on first logon is there a time before it should start? We are seeing some not take a hold for sometime.
  2. Has anyone had issues with WinRE not being available in windows 10 1909? If not has anyone had to build out WinRe for Intune specifics? Needing to get this done for our win1909 upgrade and I had this working for 1703 but seems like its missing now.
  3. I can run the app pack successful but we need to use the config file to set up the server and what not so when someone uses the program its already pointing to the right place. Just need to know how to run this with app pack to make the correct changes after the installer is done.
  4. I have an App pack we have created for Onbase Unity. We have a second run command that runs with it for the Microsoft redistribution 2013. We also need to run a onbase.exe.config file with it. Do I run this as a task or just add the file?
  5. I am building out application packs so that we are able to take some applications off the golden images. One of them is Cisco AMP for end points. Does anyone know of the argument of the silent install of that exe. I have looked all over and not able to find it other then building the msi out like your going to use it for SCCM. I thinking I seen other Cisco products use {/qn} but I am unsure that will work for amp. Is there anything else that might need to be ran with a application pack like this???
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