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  1. So, for sake of my sanity, I pulled a new OFB computer, imaged, and checked that it can install pre-made app packs, and it was successful. So to amend myself, I get this error message on all the app packs that we have tried to personally make.*
  2. Yes, I am seeing files showing up in the windows/temp/smartdeploy folder. At one point we were successfully able to deploy the pre-made packages, they are also no longer going through.
  3. :D! Thats actually the webpage I had originally used to set up my MSP. I dont think its a problem with my MSP file. It is working properly. I've attached a screenshot of the error message I am receiving in smartdeploy, maybe this will jump some ideas.
  4. I made the suggested changes to the App Pack but still similar results. 😕 Any more places I should nose around?
  5. I didn't set up an specific command lines within SmartDeploy, just edited my MSP file to disable items we didn't want to run. Are arguments required to run?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have my installation set to an unattended install and it is working properly outside of smartdeploy. In my log I am getting an messaging saying that there was not a response received within the configured timeout. Would this be a network configuration that it is alluding to?
  7. Hello everyone, Quick question for those who have been working on it.... I am attempting to make an application package out of an Office suite installer. We are successful in making and sending the package over to the client computer, and we can find the files located in the windows/temps/smartdeploy folder, but the software does not install. Has anyone run into a similar issue and if so, how did you work through it?
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