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  1. We just purchased two SP7s. I updated our platform packs, answer files, and deployment packages (I usually create both a server package and offline deployment media). I pulled them out of the box, connected power and a dongle with Ethernet and the offline media attached and booted to USB. Smart Deploy began and the deployment was underway. Deployment finished and the computer(s) rebooted and were stuck at the Surface boot logo. In the past I have seen this take 20-30 minutes on our Surfaces after booting but I normally see the Getting Devices Ready.. with the spinning circle of dots. I didn't see that this time, but I just left it.. for a couple of hours and nothing came of it. I tried deploying again and the same thing happened. This has happened on both of the SP7s. I have tested this deployment on a different machine (Lenovo M900 tower) successfully. Has anyone solved a similar issue? Have suggestions?
  2. Awesome. Can you please note a request to update Chrome, Java, 7-zip, and Notepad ++. Also, can we make app requests? VLC (I've got this one working, but if it is maintained by SDE that would be nice)?
  3. Do the standard application packs get updated similar to platform packs? For example, Google Chrome is included as an app that you can download, but, at least according to the product version, it is out-dated. Same with Java. I want to know if I am supposed manually update those apps.
  4. Right there with you both! Documentation is going to make this feature a lot more useful.
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