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  1. I will make another attempt with the log cleared to see if I didn't screw something up in the process and give it another shot. If it fails again. I will open a ticket and submit the logs.
  2. That's what I did and it doesn't appear to have worked.
  3. Hi there, I am struggling to get the Lenovo Thinkbook 14s Yoga imaged. I created offline media with the available platform pack, but it cannot see the drive to image. It only sees my USB drive. Is there something I am missing here? I'm guessing it has something to do with Intel VMD. I've never worked with it before, but have seen that it can be a problem when imaging as Windows PE may not recognize it. I assumed thats what the platform pack would resolve. Thanks for any insight. EDIT: I got the driver working and can see the drive, but it would appear the drive is now Drive 1 inste
  4. I would agree with the sentiments above. Thanks for the suggestion about VirtualHere, it worked well. I think that it would be nice to have the ability to create a single bootable ISO.
  5. Is there a way to configure the device renaming process to use the default WMI query of the serial name, but to cut it down to something like the last 4 digits and then include a prefix dependent on the machine type? For example: if it was a Lenovo T580 vs an HP 9480m to have one renamed to T580-ABC and the other named 9480-XYZ? Hopefully someone can help me out with this. Its not the end of the world, but because of this we aren't using the automatic domain join feature currently. Also I'm not sure, but I don't think the "use existing" name is currently working for us. I will t
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