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  1. Or do I have to create another boot media and import the wim file back into WDS? Can you update answer files and have the changes you make apply? Or do you have to recreate the wim file and put it back into WDS?
  2. So I am still in the process of setting up smart deploy with our systems with wds. In the meantime I am using USB to boot to Smart Deploy. I have a total of 3 images in one .wim file. I would like to set up a usb drive to boot to Smartdeploy and show the image selection screen and nothing else. I would like to skip every screen except the one where you choose your image. Even if I put the image in the answer file when I do boot to smart deploy the image is blank and I have to map to it using a UNC path. I have attatched the answer file here. I have even tried to map the unc path using a startup script and it doesn't map. Any help would be appreciated SmartDeploy.xml
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