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SmartDeploy 1.1.1910 Platform Pack Information

Allen Marsh



SmartDeploy stores the device drivers for Windows PE in the platform pack for a given model, where necessary. This is to help easily facilitate creating boot or deployment media that supports the network and mass storage for that device.

SmartDeploy versions prior to 1.1.1910:


--Latitude E6410

---Windows PE 2.1

SmartDeploy 1.1.1910:


--Latitude E6410

---Windows PE

We only add Windows PE drivers if necessary for a given model. This is because many models are covered for both networking and mass storage by the in-box drivers in Windows PE. When we changed from Windows PE 2.1 to Windows PE 3.0, many of the old Windows PE 2.1 drivers were simply removed from the platform packs because Windows PE 3.0 now has in-box support for those devices. Other packs had their Windows PE drivers updated to Windows 7.

The Windows PE node of a platform pack is only used during the Media Wizard, when you are creating boot media or offline deployment media. The other actual OS nodes of the platform packs, i.e. Windows XP or Windows 7 did not change.


Q: I installed SmartDeploy 1.1.1910, and created boot media using my existing platform pack. When I boot my target device, there is no networking. Why not?

A: You need to download and use latest platform packs available from SmartDeploy.com and re-generate boot media with the Media Wizard.

Q: Will my existing combined platform pack work with SmartDeploy 1.1.1910?

A: Since the OS nodes did not change, deployment will work fine. However, you'll need new platform packs if one of your devices requires networking or mass storage support, and it is not present in your boot media.

Q: Will the new platform packs on SmartDeploy.com work with versions of SmartDeploy prior to 1.1.1910?

A: They will work for deployment, but not for creating boot media or offline deployment media with the required networking or mass storage support.

Q: I've spent a lot of time making my single combined platform pack support all my models? What do I need to do update it for use with 1.1.1910?

A: Explore your combined platform pack and see how many "Windows PE 2.1" nodes there are under each one of your models. These are the models that will need to be updated. You can delete these from your existing combined pack, download the new versions, and import them into your combined pack.



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